About the Boomers Tribe

Tribalry’s mission is to create deep levels of friendship and connection within professional communities (a.k.a. tribes) by fostering a culture that helps people break through the surface level to get to the core of who a person really is.

To build these authentic relationships inside a “tribe,” we host face-to-face meet-ups where we facilitate building authentic relationships by sharing stories, working on things, and connecting over shared interests in a personal setting. By the time you are done, it’s like you’ve been hanging out with these people your whole life.

To continue to build friendships between events, we’ve also create an online space for the members to interact by starting conversations, sharing their stories and talking with each other.

It’s the combination of these three things-culture, in-person events, and online connection–that drives the tribes and helps the individual members bond together. These three things working together build and accelerate communities because it isn’t just a connecting tool, but a full system for building connections.